The Bihar Advocates’ Welfare (Pension & Family Pension) Rules, 2012 provides for the constitution of a pension fund, from which pension would be payable to such Advocates who become members of the Pension Scheme, and have retired from active practice due to old age i.e. are at least 65 years of age till when they ought to have completed at least 30 years of practice as Advocates. People who have enrolled themselves as Advocates after retirement, etc from other jobs or professions are not eligible for benefits under this scheme.  The Advocates must also be members of the Scheme for at least ten years before they become eligible to receive pension. However, Advocates who complete 70 years of age are exempted from this condition of completion of ten years of membership. 
Currently, the retired Advocates are paid @ Rs. Seven (7) thousand per month as pension under this scheme. On demise of Advocate, his family member is entitled to receive family pension under the same scheme. No further membership or fee is required  
To become a member of this scheme, write the appropriate form, get it forwarded  by the President/ Secretary of the Association whose member you are, and submit the same at the office of JSBC or Trustee Committee. A Demand Draft of Rs. Ten (10) Thousand payable to “Advocates’ Welfare Fund Trustee Committee” should be attached. Besides, the member of this scheme is also required to purchase “Bihar Bar Council Journal” for at least ten years.
To receive benefits under this scheme, another form is to be filled by the applicant, forwarded by the President/ Secretary of the concerned Bar Association where he is a member, and submitted at the office of the Bar Council or the Trustee Committee. Besides, the applicant is also required to first surrender his license to practice as Advocate at the office of the State Bar Council.