List of Hon'ble Chairman of the BSBC

Since coming Into force of Advocates Act, 1961

20.Shri Ramakant Sharma, Hon'ble Chairman19.05.2021Till Date
19.Shri Lalit Kishore, Hon'ble Chairman31.07.201718.05.2021
18.Shri Ram Balak Mahto, Hon'ble Chairman05.09.201530.07.2017
17.Shri Akhouri Mangla Charan Shrivastva, Hon'ble Chairman04.11.201204.09.2015
16.Shri Baleshwar Prasad Sharma, Hon'ble Chairman02.05.201001.11.2012
15.Shri Prashant Kumar Shahi, Hon'ble Chairman05.03.200801.05.2010
14.Shri Rajendra Prasad Singh, Hon'ble Chairman13.04.200304.03.2008
13.Shri Shashi Anugrah Narain, Hon'ble Chairman
12.Shri Braj Kishore Prasad, Hon'ble Chairman03.04.199519.08.2000
11.Shri Rameshwar Prasad, Hon'ble Chairman07.08.199402.04.1995
10.Shri Braj Kishore Prasad, Hon'ble Chairman09.04.198906.08.1994
9.Shri Braj Kishore Prasad, Hon'ble Chairman20.04.198008.04.1989
8.Shri Basanta Chandra Ghose, Hon'ble Chairman30.04.197819.04.1980
7.Shri Ram Dayal Prasad, Hon'ble Chairman12.03.197829.04.1978
6.Shri Satya Nand Kumar,Hon'ble Chairman27.11.197711.03.1978
5.Shri Krishna Das Chatterjee, Hon'ble Chairman25.09.197726.11.1977
4.Shri TaraKant Jha, Hon'ble Chairman21.10.197624.09.1977
3.Shri Awadhesh Kumar Dutta,Hon'ble Chairman28.11.197120.10.1976
2.Shri Rajeshwari Prasad, Hon'ble Chairman21.09.197027.11.1971
1.Shri Shri Narayan Sahay, Hon'ble Chairman16.01.196220.09.1970