Welcome To Bihar State Bar Council

The Bihar State Bar Council is a regulatory Body constituted under section 3 of the Advocate’s Act, 1961. The Bihar State Bar Council has got various functions relating to Advocates within the State of Bihar i.e. to enroll an Advocate, preparing and maintaining Roll of Advocates, entertain and decide misconduct cases of Advocates, safeguard the rights, privilege and interest of Advocates on its Roll, device and implement welfare scheme for the Advocates, promote and support the law reforms, organise seminar on the local topics, make provision for legal aid to the poor and various other functions. It is to be noticed that before enactment and implementation of Advocates Act, 1961, the Indian Bar Council Act, 1926 was in the field and the registration, cases of misconduct and allied matters were under the jurisdiction of the High Court. In 1951, the All India Bar Committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Justice S.R. Das. The committee in its report recommended the establishment of an All India Bar Council and State Bar Council. It recommended the powers of enrolment, suspension or removal of Advocates to the Bar Council and on the basis of said report the present Advocate’s Act was drafted and finally passed by the Parliament. The State Bar Councils in accordance with the power to make Rules, has framed various types of Rules in the field of legal profession. The Rules framed by the State Bar Council is subject to the approval by the Bar Council of India for its operational validity. The Bihar State Bar Council framed Election Rules with comprehensive provisions for the purpose of election of the Members to the Bihar State Bar Council. On every five years the election is held in the State of Bihar to elect 25 Members in accordance with the Rules of proportional representation by means of single transferable votes in which each voter has to cast as much votes as the members to be elected to the Council and the preference given by the voters is counted in accordance with the Rules. In the process of counting elimination of the candidates seeking election is a basic one. The candidate having got the lowest first preference vote is eliminated and the vote is transferred to the candidate getting second preference vote and so on. Although a candidate may not get quota votes but not eliminated up to 25 the strength of the Council is deemed to be elected. The learned Advocate General is Ex-Officio member of the Bihar State Bar Council. The Bihar State Bar Council has floated Rules for the welfare of the Advocates  and Model Rules for smooth and peaceful election to the Office Bearer of the Bar Association affiliated to the Bihar State Bar Council. The names of the person elected is published in official Gazette and from the date of publication the tenure is of five years. The elected Members from amongst them elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman and delegate member for Bar Council of India. The Bar Council also elect and constitute different committees to carry out the function under the Advocates Act and the Rules made thereunder.

            The Bar Council of India on the other hand comprises of members elected and nominated by each of the State Bar Council. The web address of Bar Council of india is www.barcouncilofindia.org and e-mail address is bciinfo21@gmail.com.

            The Bihar State Bar Council has got its website www.biharstatebarcouncil.com and it has got Email address as bsbcpatna@gmail.com.